Fred Piek Zanger van Folksongs


Bob en Ron Copper zingen “The Two Brethren” op de LP “Traditional Songs from Rottingdean” (1963) De beroemde Copper family brengt al 7 generaties lang een groot repertoire aan folksongs ten gehore.
Fungus maakte een meerstemmige acapella versie met een iets andere melodie, die later op de eerste LP verscheen
Op de CD Ballads heb ik akkoorden toegevoegd en klinkt het lied gelijk weer anders.


Come all jolly ploughmen and help me to sing
I will sing in the praise of you all
If a man he don't labour how can he get bread
I will sing and make merry withal

It was of two young brethren, two young brethren born
It was of two young brethren born
One he was a shepherd and a tender of sheep
The other a planter of corn

We will rile it, we will tile it through mud and through clay
We will plough it up deeper and low
Then after comes the seedsman his corn for to sow
And the harrows to rake it in rows

There is April, there is May, there is June and July
What a pleasure it is for to see the corn grow
In August we will reap it, we cut, sheaf and bind
And go down with our scythes for to mow

And after we've reaped it off every sheaf
And have gathered up every ear
We will make no more to do but we'll plough and we'll sow
And prepare for the very next year